FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Power of the Drum?
Power of the Drum was founded in 2006 by professional drummer/percussionist Dennis Cotton. Its purpose is to use recreational drumming as a metaphor to achieve the goals and intentions of a specific population. (See chart below)

Employees Team Building, Boost Moral, Stress Relief
Confidence Building, Communication
Community Members
Musical Expression, Experience of Unity
Spiritual Center
Meditation, Relaxation

What is a Group Drumming Event?
A Group Drumming Event is a structured rhythmic experience that allows all participants to feel welcomed and valued. It is a fun entry-level learning experience that is accessible to anyone. Participants express themselves collectively by using a chorus of tuned drums and percussion to create a musical rhythm song.

Why drums?
Drums were the first musical instrument and are easily accessible to all ages and populations. Rhythm is a universal language; nearly every culture in the world plays some type of drum. Drums are easy to learn, readily produce pleasant sounds and are playable by people of many different abilities. They provide the kinesthetic response humans instinctually respond to.

Who is Dennis Cotton?
Dennis Cotton is a renowned drummer/percussionist who has made a name for himself as an elite music educator, session player and accomplished performer.  He has recorded over 30 albums and toured worldwide as a member of the Blues/Rock group Savoy Brown. He has also performed with Commander Cody, Duke Robillard, The British Blues All-Stars and countless others.  Dennis studied Drum Circle facilitation with legendary artist and teacher Arthur Hull, and trained with Dr. Barry Bittman of the Mind, Body Wellness Center in Meadesville, PA to be a REMO Health Rhythms facilitator.

What can I expect from a Power of the Drum event?
Dennis Cotton orchestrates a mixed group of people into an improvisational percussion ensemble. His role is to assist the drum circle in reaching its full musical potential. By keeping the activity fun and stress free, Dennis will use a “teach without teaching” technique to guide participants through all the necessary skills needed to be a fully functioning rhythm orchestra. With his abundant energy, Dennis will unlock the inner musician in all participants.  Dennis’s easy going style and compassionate manner will make all feel comfortable and relaxed. A Power of the Drum event is sure to be the highlight of any groups’ schedule.  

How do I contact Dennis?
Dennis Cotton
Drum Circle Facilitator / Educator

Dennis Cotton is a proud member of:
The Drum Circle Facilitators Guild, American Federation of Musicians and a trained REMO Health Rhythms Facilitator.


Copyrigtht 2008 Power of the Drum / Dennis Cotton
Photographs by Blake Martin Photography