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Please check these fine organizations that I believe are doing great work and are worthy or our support.

I believe in Charities/Organizations that do more than just provide food. The following organizations provide SUSTAINABLE help to people in need. It is a hand-up, not a hand out.

Check them out:

Kick Start
In the "Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" category, here is an organization that I just love. It provides the means for people to start an agricultural business based around a simple foot operated water pump. Read all about this incredible organization

Heifer International
This great organization has a gift catalog that allows you to buy a goat or a flock of chickens or even a heifer for a village in need. These animals provide a sustainable food supply. Heifer International also has a printable catalog and gift cards. Check them out and give what you can.

Nothing But Nets
You can buy a bed net and save someone from malaria for as little as $10.00. A solution so simple can save millions of lives. Check it out


I was honored to do a program at Tunxis College on the hottest day in June in Connecticut. Here are three video clips of the program posted by James Revillini.
Below are the links and comments made by James.
Thanks everyone for the great time! Can't wait for our next session in September. (DC)


Hello Folks,
We humbly present to you some video footage, as well as a remix video, of the Power of the Drum event held this past June. The recording kind of happened spontaneously in the second half, so unfortunately, not everyone who came is seen in the videos. Next time, we’ll be sure to get the whole thing on tape.

Power of the Drum @ Tunxis, Part I – this has a lot of vocal interaction and some drumming. Dennis is not just a professional drummer, but a facilitator who taught us a lot about drumming, drum theory, and how to come together rhythmically.

Power of the Drum @ Tunxis, Part II – this video jumps right into a 10 minute jam – not bad, huh?!

Power of the Drum @ Tunxis, The Remix – Mike Zych had a little fun with this cut. It’s short and fun.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped and played and watched and everything!
Ken Colangelo – Videographer
Michael Zych – Producer/Editor
Dennis Cotton – Drum Circle Facilitator/Guest Speaker
Tunxis Faculty & Staff - Drum Circle Participants
Estelle Carenza – Event Coordinator
Me – Event Coordinator

Jaime Arias of Drumming Works came by one of my circles with his video camera. He posted the results on You Tube. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Click here for video


Some people I admire.......

Here I am with the man who started it all. The father of the Facilitated Drum Circle; Arthur Hull.

The man who proved drumming has measurable medical benefits, Dr. Barry Bittman (left), myself (center), and master facilitator and keynote speaker, Christine Stevens.

Without a doubt the most fun guy to have dinner with in all the world. My fellow REMO endorser, Dr. Craig Woodson, ethnomusicologist extraordinaire.
Check out his fantastic website Roots of Rhythm

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Copyrigtht 2008 Power of the Drum / Dennis Cotton
Photographs by Blake Martin Photography